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Good Ship Too

21 Apr 2014

Good Ship Too

Yacht Rock

Maui Wowee

28 Apr 2013

click photos for HUGE PRINT version

maui photo Butterfly signing

maui photo Hike on Maui North Coast trail

maui photo On her own two feet

maui photo
A beautiful place…

maui photo walk with Dad.

maui photo Pinky hold

maui photo Stay on the right path

maui photo Warm tide pool

maui photo Come in, the water is fine

maui photo Tobin reads me a book

maui photo Point it out

maui photo Benchmark

maui photo Baby sits for a portrait

maui photo Exploring the sweat lodge

maui photo Paradise pools

maui photo Jungle adventure

maui photo Wet feet splash

maui photo Couldn’t be happier



13 Jan 2013

Mom decorated the house with crafty fun.

Gluten dairy egg-free smash cake.

A little overwhelming at first.

With moderation, I can handle it.

Oh, I get it now.


Sugar, gift from the heavens.

I’m seeing things differently now that I’m one.

Present pile rocks!

The wrapping paper is the best part.

A round of applause!

This is one happy baby, one tired and thankful baby.